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phone goes straight to voicemail android

Re: phone goes straight to voicemail Hi @arthurkgatos @Sana You best option would be to speak Boost Customer Service on or via Live Chat to have all diversions switched off. Oct 08,  · When this happens, the call quickly goes to voicemail. The phone is off: Most cellular providers recognize when the phone is turned off, and send your call straight to voicemail. Airplane mode: It’s like it’s off, at least according to the carrier. Call blockers: Maybe you . Aug 31,  · Hello AndroidCentral, When I get a call the following things are happening: My phone will NOT ring, it will not show up as a missed call in the call logs, and lastly the only way I even know I received the call is if the caller leaves a voicemail. This all started about 3 weeks ago and was not doing this when I first activated the phone in December

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Does it go to a voicemail or just a message2txt where the caller is asked to leave a message and will phone goes straight to voicemail android converted into a text?

This is the setting to accept calls when the phone rings but divert other calls when busy, unanswered or unreachable. If this post is helpful, kindly give Kudos to the post to show your appreciation.

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Re: phone goes straight to voicemail. Yes, the latter! All the caller hears is a voice telling them to leave a msg. The phone doesn't even ring. Any clues? And tnx for the reply. Let us know how you go. Has someone been helpful? Give them a Kudos to show your appreciation.

Thanks Deanna, I will follow your advice and get in touch with them on the phone. I will keep you guys posted how I went. Professional LVL Android Settings Adjustment. The default is 15 seconds. You can also extend it to 25 seconds. Hope this helps. Kind regards johnbrennanlive. Re: Android Settings Adjustment.


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phone goes straight to voicemail android


Phone working fine for a week, now goes straight to voicemail for any local call coming in. Tech states I should change my number to a local area code. I have never had an issue with my number in all the years owning a phone, only with switching over to straight talk. Oct 09,  · FORWARD TO VOICEMAIL IS ON: Start your PHONE app. Click MORE (or three dots icon) in the top right corner of the screen (or the OPTIONS/MENU button on older devices) Click SETTINGS. Click CALL FORWARDING. Click VOICE CALL. . Aug 07,  · Issue Can’t receive calls on Moto G. Incoming calls going straight to voicemail on Moto G. Motorola Moto G not receiving incoming calls. Solution If your Motorola Moto G smartphone is directing all incoming calls to voicemail, this is a widespread issue happening with the Motorola smartphones after the recent Android software update.